Abney and Associates on Protecting Enterprises from Online Fraud

As e-commerce spreads around the globe, there is increased opportunity for online cyber-fraud and data theft. We have all read about some of the recent and well-publicized data breaches suffered by such well-known retailers as Target, which affected an estimated 110 million customers, and Neiman Marcus. However, many more data-theft instances either go unreported or simply do not make the evening news. As a result of this increased cyber-criminal activity, enterprises and security providers alike are sharing information to try to keep ahead of the bad guys.

As part of this effort, mobile identify services provider TeleSign recently released its first annual fraud report, which identifies the locations, traffic patterns and anomalies most prevalent in today’s threat landscape. The report also analyzes anomalous patterns in global delivery of SMS messaging and voice traffic, research into automated attack traffic spikes as well and what companies need to be aware of to help prevent fraud. This eWEEK slide show utilizes research and reporting from Nancy Vitug, vice president of engineering at TeleSign.

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